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Wild Shape Issue

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Wild Shape Issue

Post by Shizen Ikari on Thu Oct 08, 2015 5:27 am

In wildshape, it says Druid's can turn into anything with the "Beast" keywords.  I've looked through the monster manual, and I found some very confusing keywords.  I can turn into a T-Rex, which is listed as a beast, but an Owlbear is listed as a "Monstousity"?  Certain ones, personally, are a little iffy.  If I can turn into a T-Rex I should be able to become an Owlbear lol  Can some of these be houseruled a little if I can make a debate for them?  In 4E, Displacer beasts were listed as fey beast, now it just says monstrousity, that keyword itself is kinda silly.

Just seen that Wargs are listed as a monstrosity aswell, where as a wolf is a normal beast, they're cousins basically....

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Re: Wild Shape Issue

Post by ArcticFlame7 on Thu Oct 08, 2015 6:42 am

Hard and fast, I'd say go by the book. A beast is a beast only if the book says it is. Silly? Perhaps. But really, if you can turn into a t-rex, why bother with an owlbear?

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Re: Wild Shape Issue

Post by Rowan Whispercloak on Sat Oct 10, 2015 1:37 am

The nature of wild shape has mostly (there are some expection within various edition) been limited to mundane animal forms, (much of this I can only guess comes from the celtic mythlogy that was loosely sited in the classes origin). As for displacer beasts they were magical beasts in the 3rd edition and could speak (the categories of monsters are [still] mostly game terms to reference mechanics) so not really inline with the natural theme of the druid and owlbears, a wizard made those (being one of the theoretical origins) and in a similar state.

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Re: Wild Shape Issue

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