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Short and Long Rest

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Short and Long Rest Empty Short and Long Rest

Post by Shizen Ikari on Mon Oct 05, 2015 6:03 am


A short rest is a period o f downtime, at least 1 hour long,
during which a character does nothing more strenuous
than eating, drinking, reading, and tending to wounds.
A character can spend one or more Hit Dice at the end
o f a short rest, up to the character’s maximum number
of Hit Dice, which is equal to the character's level. For
each Hit Die spent in this way, the player rolls the die
and adds the character’s Constitution modifier to it. The
character regains hit points equal to the total. The player
can decide to spend an additional Hit Die after each roll.
A character regains some spent Hit Dice upon finishing
a long rest, as explained below.

Long Rest

A long rest is a period o f extended downtime, at least 8
hours long, during which a character sleeps or performs
light activity: reading, talking, eating, or standing watch
for no more than 2 hours. If the rest is interrupted by a
period o f strenuous activity—at least 1 hour o f walking,
fighting, casting spells, or similar adventuring activity—
the characters must begin the rest again to gain any
benefit from it.

At the end of a long rest, a character regains all lost
hit points. The character also regains spent Hit Dice, up
to a number o f dice equal to half o f the character’s total
number o f them. For example, if a character has eight
Hit Dice, he or she can regain four spent Hit Dice upon
finishing a long rest.

A character can’t benefit from more than one long rest
in a 24-hour period, and a character must have at least
1 hit point at the start o f the rest to gain its benefits.

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