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Post by ArcticFlame7 on Fri Oct 30, 2015 8:52 am

Hilde Ironhammer

General Information

Class: Fighter (Eldritch Knight)
Level: 5
Background: Guild Artisan w/ a touch of Clan Smith
Player's Name: Christina
Faction: Harpers
Race: Shield (Mountain) Dwarf
Alignment: Neutral Good
Experience: 5600
DCI: 1205-424-099


Strength: 18 (+4 mod) (+8 to saving throws)
Dexterity: 10 (+1 to saving throws)
Constitution: 17 (+3 mod) (+7 to saving throws)
Intelligence: 12 (+1 mod) (+2 to saving throws)
Wisdom: 13 (+1 mod) (+2 to saving throws)
Charisma: 8 (-1 mod)

AC: 20 / 22 (shield)
Initiative: +0
Speed: 25
Health: 49
Hit Die: 5d10


Inspiration: 0
Proficiency Bonus: +3

Acrobatics (Dex): +0
Animal Handling (Wis): +1
Arcana (Int): +1
Athletics (Str): * +7
Deception (Cha): -1
History (Int): * +4
Insight (Wis): * +4
Intimidation (Cha): -1
Investigation (Int): +1
Medicine (Wis): +1
Nature (Int): +1
Perception (Wis): +1
Performance (Cha): -1
Persuasion (Cha): * +1
Religion (Int): +1
Sleight of Hand (Dex): +0
Stealth (Dex): +0
Survival (Wis): +1

Passive Perception: 11

Features, Proficiency and Traits

Languages: Common (heavily accented with Shield Dwarvish), Dwarvish ('Shield Dwarf of Northern Origin' dialect), Undercommon (svirfneblin dialect; her accent is far less pronounced when speaking Undercommon than Common)

Traits: >Darkvision (60ft)
>Dwarven Resilience (resistance against poison damage, advantage on saving throws vs poison)
>Stonecutting (double proficiency bonus on History checks related to origin of stonework)
>Guild Artisan – Smiths and Metal-forgers guild, "Hammers and Anvils" (guildmates will pay for funeral if it comes to that. If a hall exists, can find gainful employment there. Guild halls are good places to meet people and/or hear rumors. 5gp per month to remain in good standing. Further, reputation has spread to gain the following benefits: Always have free room and board in any place where shield dwarves dwell, and the individuals in such a settlement might vie among themselves to determine who can offer you the finest accommodations and assistance.)
>(As of "Out of the Abyss" RP Session) Blessing of Moradin. (+1 Bonus to AC and Saving Throws)

Proficiency: All armor and shields. All simple and martial weapons. Smith's and Mason's tools.

Features: >Defense. (+1 AC while wearing Armor)
>Second Wind (can use bonus action to regain 1d10+fighter level hit points, once per short or long rest)
>Action Surge (can take one additional action on top of regular and possible bonus action, once per short or long rest)
>Weapon Bond – Handaxe and warhammer (can’t be disarmed of these weapons unless incapacitated. If they are on the same plane of existence, can summon that weapon as a bonus action, causing it to teleport instantly to hand).
>Extra Attack - 1 (When taking the Attack action, can swing wielded weapon twice)

Spell List

Cantrips Lvl 0:
>Blade Ward
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: Self
Components: V, S
Duration: 1 round
You extend your hand and trace a sigil of warding in the air. Until the end of your next turn, you have resistance against bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage dealt by weapon attacks.

>Booming Blade
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: 5 feet
Components: V, M (a weapon)
Duration: 1 round
As part of the action used to cast this spell, you must make a melee attack with a weapon against one creature within the spell's range, otherwise the spell fails. On a hit, the target suffers the attack's normal effects, and it becomes sheathed in booming energy until the start of your next turn. If the target willingly moves before then, it immediately takes 1d8 thunder damage, and the spell ends. This spell's damage increases when you reach higher levels. At 5th level, the melee attack deals an extra 1d8 thunder damage to the target, and the damage the target takes for moving increases to 2d8. Both damage rolls increase by 1d8 at 11th level and 17th level.

Spells Lvl 1: 3 slots
>Expeditious Retreat
Casting Time: 1 bonus action
Range: Self
Components: V, S
Duration: Concentration, up to 10 minutes
This spell allows you to move at an incredible pace. When you cast this spell, and then as a bonus action on each of your turns until the spell ends, you can take the Dash action.

>Protection from Evil and Good
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: Touch
Components: V, S, M (holy water or powdered silver and iron, which the spell consumes)
Duration: Concentration up to 10 minutes
Until the spell ends, one willing creature you touch is protected against certain types of creatures: aberrations, celestials, elementals, fey, fiends, and undead. The protection grants several benefits. Creatures of those types have disadvantage on attack rolls against the target. The target also can’t be charmed, frightened, or possessed by them. If the target is already charmed, frightened, or possessed by such a creature, the target has advantage on any new saving throw against the relevant effect.

Casting Time: 1 reaction, which you take when you are hit by an attack or targeted by the magic missile spell
Range: Self
Components: V, S
Duration: 1 round
An invisible barrier of magical force appears and protects you. Until the start of your next turn, you have a +5 bonus to AC, including against the triggering attack, and you take no damage from magic missile.

>Magic Missile
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: 120 feet
Components: V, S
Duration: Instantaneous
You create three glowing darts of magical force. Each dart hits a creature of your choice that you can see within range. A dart deals 1d4 + 1 force damage to its target. The darts all strike simultaneously, and you can direct them to hit one creature or several. When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 2nd level or higher, the spell creates one more dart for each slot level above 1st.

Spells Lvl 2:

Spells Lvl 3:

Spells Lvl 4:

Spells Lvl 5:

Spells Lvl 6:

Spells Lvl 7:

Spells Lvl 8:

Spells Lvl 9:


GP: 528 (Did some shopping in Elventree during the tenday we were there, plus paid a year's worth of guild dues in advance)

Weapons: >Warhammer (1d8 bludgeoning; 1d10 used two-handed)
>Handaxe x2 (1d6 slashing; can be thrown. Range 20/60)
>Silver sickle (1d4 slashing)
>Maul (2d6 bludgeoning)
>Hand Crossbow (1d6 piercing. Range 30/20). Loading (Can only shoot once despite number of attacks)
>Dagger (1d4 piercing)
Armor: Adamantine Plate (Immune to Critical Hits), shield emblazoned with clan emblem
Other: healing potion on leather thong around neck, flask of holy water kept in component pouch, vial of poison-based alcohol kept in component pouch, set of smith's tools, explorer's pack and all contents contained/attached therein, letter of introduction from guild, belt pouch, set of traveler's clothes, set of common clothes, 20 bolts for hand crossbow in a case (also carries Kel's spare ammunition, for a total of 5 cases), set of mason's tools, component pouch, a holy symbol in the shape of a metal hammer pendant worn on a metal chain around the neck, a yellow diamond hosting the fire elemental the party has nicknamed "Calcifer", a whetstone, a bar of soap, a blank 'book', an ink pen, a vial of ink.
>Encumbrance: 243 (rounded up) carried / 270 total capacity.


Personality Traits: >Hilde has neither respect nor patience for those who do not pull their own weight. Even the lame and feeble-minded can find ways to contribute, so to her there is no justifiable excuse for laziness. She doesn't take it as far as the duergar and their “life is toil” dogma, but she will not sit idle if there is something more productive that can be done and will berate those that don't do something similar.
>Further, as an artisan, she takes great pride in her work. All of her weapons (save the sickle and hand crossbow that were picked up in the course of the adventure) are of her own forging. She's more of an intuitive smith than an experienced one; she's quite young for a dwarf to have the standing she does in her clan and guild, and she's eager to get the 'experience' needed to balance out her 'talent'. She can and will ask nearly everyone she speaks with for more than a few minutes to test her hammer, axes, and/or maul and for critique on them. “How's the heft? Notice any imperfections?” etc
>She isn't quite as cynical as your typical shield dwarf, but that can be blamed on her age and being taken as a guild apprentice fairly young. She hasn't yet been given a reason to be overly distrustful, but that doesn't mean she makes friends at the drop of a hat either. Generally, being an ally in combat is enough to earn her trust at least temporarily. Further, she is more willing to give travel partners the benefit of the doubt than the average shield dwarf.
>(As of 'Harried in Hillsfar', pt3) The brush with death has taken a bit of her confidence from her. She is no longer quite as willing to run into the thick of things with her weapon raised. Instead, she's more likely to get her shield up and – now that she has some magical capability – bolster herself before approaching combat. This changes completely in certain scenarios, see “Bonds”.
>(As of "Out of the Abyss" RP Session) The encounter with Moradin has renewed her faith in the All-Father (and the rest of the Moradinsamman) and filled her with a sense of divine purpose. Where once she was adrift, looking for some light in the darkness, she now believes she is to be an agent of that light she sought. She is still careful, but it is no longer out of fear of death, but instead because "the dead cannae do good while dead."

Ideals: >She believes those with talent have it for a reason. To her, squandering what you're good at is much, much worse than not having talent at all.
>To that end, she believes it is better to try your hardest and be terrible at something than to be a master and do nothing with it. She has much more respect for the earnest but untalented than for the gifted but lazy (tying back into her disdain for sloth).
>Effort should be rewarded – those that work hard and honestly deserve a decent, honest living. Them getting anything less is both cruel and unjust. The concept of the 'working poor' saddens her greatly, and she sees slavery as intolerable and something to be abolished.

Bonds: >Her entire reason for adventure (besides not being in the room when her guildmates called “Not it!” on going to investigate the commotion in Hillsfar) is to travel abroad, seeing many smithing styles and techniques. Every time she encounters a new one, she tries to reverse-engineer it at the forge as soon as she's able. Rarely will she ever outright say “Alright, ye stumped me, how did ye get it ta do that?” or “I cannae reproduce yer results, what's yer secret?” Instead, she wants to learn on her own. Hilde wants to, one day, create a weapon worthy of legend...the kind of hammer or axe that gets its own name. She sees this as a kind of indirect immortality.
>(As of 'Harried in Hillsfar, pt3) Now that she knows the circumstances surrounding her resurrection, she feels her life is not completely her own. Trust him or not, Kel was directly responsible for her coming back from the dead and she knows it. There is no price that can be put on life (“hang what the clerics say!”) and thus she now owes him a debt that can never be truly repaid. She will generally try to keep herself between him and danger, and will act recklessly in his defense. This applies to all situations, not just combat.
>(As of "Out of the Abyss" RP Session) Having been given the quest by the Dwarf-Father himself, Hilde must go to Gauntlegrym and seek out Bruenor Battlehammer (some long lost distant ancient clannmate or another; most of the dwarves of the North are distantly related) to inform him of the fate of Edith. She would like to do this as quickly as possible, but understands that she has another obligation that came before (keeping Kel safe) and one extending from that coming shortly afterward.
>(As of "Out of the Abyss" RP Session) With the adventuring party becoming properly incorporated, she will set aside her own personal goals and quests to help the others with theirs, unless they directly conflict with her goal of eventually reaching Gauntlegrym or her bond of keeping herself between Kel and danger.

Flaws: >Hilde remembers every insult and nurses a silent resentment toward anyone who has ever wronged her. She is both a dwarf and a woman – hell hath no fury, and the fury can smolder for centuries! She does not actively plan payback, but she does keep a running tally of what she “owes” people.
>(As of 'Harried in Hillsfar, pt3') She remembers very little – essentially nothing - about what happened to her after she was hit by the duergar's pick and before she awoke at the temple. However, in places where death permeates the atmosphere, something makes her uneasy and edgy. Necrotic damage triggers something akin to PTSD, though the reasons still completely escape her. For several nights after exposure to these triggers she will have night terrors.
>(As of "Out of the Abyss" RP Session) While she now remembers what happened to her on the Fugue, she has also been blessed - perhaps even chosen - by the All-Father. The old fear is difficult to shake, but it can be overcome with effort. While in places where death permeates the atmosphere, against undead of most stripes, or after taking necrotic damage outside of those situations, she must take an action to gird herself against her involuntary fearful reaction. This action consists of touching her armor to remind herself that Moradin has assured her of her place in Dwarfhome and concentrating for a moment, steeling her mind against fear. If she does not do this, the first hit against her afterwards has advantage as she is not focusing on the situation at hand. She likewise must make this action every day when the party is camping in death-infused locales.

Appearance: Hilde is short for a shield dwarf, standing at a mere 4'5''. Like all dwarves, she is of a stocky build at 185 pounds. To those accustomed to dwarvish standards, she is actually quite effeminate - stand her next to another female shield dwarf and the outline of her bust and hips become much more noticeable. Her skin is ruddy like many of her clanmates. Unlike most of her clanmates, however, she has inherited the recessive trait of very red hair, something normally associated with much more distant relatives. This hair is kept in two long, thick braids which are let down in town (and undone to be brushed every evening and washed as often as possible) but mostly kept tied behind her head in something like a bun so as to not get in the way either at the forge or on the battlefield. After at least a week, her face will begin to show signs of stubble. Left unchecked this can eventually become a proper beard, another recessive trait typically associated with future clan matrons. Knowing that she has done nothing worthy of being a female with a beard and not wanting to upset either her clanmates or her guild, she shaves at the first sign of this stubble as soon as it is possible to do so. Her eyes are a deep green reminiscent of finely-cut emeralds. Her brow has not yet knotted with the skepticism and cynicism common in most shield dwarves, though this can be attributed to her fairly young age of 108. While certainly not a child anymore (as under 50 would be considered), she is younger by half again than every dwarf in her guild and only half the age of the other recognized Ironhammer smiths back home.
When in town or in areas of relative safety she doffs her armor - (as of "Out of the Abyss" RP Session) adamantine full plate, a dark iron gray affair with little flourishes of dwarvish runes of protection and prayer, and the occasional hammer and anvil motif, inlaid here and there with lighter colored metals - and instead wears a set of traveler's clothes if the group is out and about or (as of "Out of the Abyss" RP Session) a set of common clothes while in more civilized areas. She keeps a dagger on her clothing belt, remembering what it was like to be unarmed and deciding "Never again." She keeps a potion of healing on a leather thong around her neck for easy access by either herself or an ally should she fall unconscious, and beneath both her clothes and her armor - close to her heart - hangs the holy symbol of Moradin wrought out of metal on a metal chain, her one and only attempt at jewelrycraft that she has had blessed by a priest of the Moradinsamman.
Her combat belt is a busy thing: two frogs, one on each side, holding a handaxe, the one on the right being her Weapon Bond handaxe. On the left she keeps a belt pouch holding some coins, a folded letter of introduction from her guild, a large yellow diamond containing an elemental she feels an attachment to, and other various small things that may be handy to have on occasion. On the right is a component pouch holding all the things she could reasonably need to cast the few spells she knows. The back has a special frog made to hold her Weapon Bond warhammer in such a way that she can both draw it with her right hand with ease and have it be out of the way when it is not needed. She has also used a leather thong to tie a hand crossbow to the left just in case she needs the extra range it provides.
Her explorer's pack is similarly multifuctional. Besides containing the various tools of her trade and the things that come with the pack (she makes sure to regularly refill the waterskin and restock the rations), there is a length of rope attached to one side, a bedroll attached to the top, and the bolts for her hand crossbow are in a pocket on the side opposite the rope. Her shield attaches to the back if she is not wielding it, and she carries her maul (which appears to be made of fairly crude metal and not wood, but a type of hard mushroom stem) in the same attachments as the bedroll.

Allies & Organizations: >While spending some downtime in Elventree, through her guild she made contact with the Harpers. It is through them that she has received basic magical training in exchange for pledging herself to their cause and offering her guild's network as well.
>Jebeddo Nackle, her favorite guildmate. The svirfneblin who taught her Undercommon, apprenticed with her under the same master, served as her introduction to the guild, and something of a friendly rival. His specialty is picks and he's generally the one she addresses her letters to the guild to.
>Adventuring Party. Now that they've signed in blood, the group is officially bound by a set of rules/gentleman's agreements to not harm or rob each other. They have proven themselves to be...moderately trustworthy, and Hilde understands that she cannot complete Moradin's quest alone.


Backstory: Clan Ironhammer has a rich, detailed history dating back to the ancient dwarf empires of old. A distant cousin-clan of Battlehammer, Ironhammer has long produced the finest smiths in the North. Some Ironhammer elders claim it was their great-great-great-(number of greats varies depending on who is telling the tale)grandparents who forged the first Dwarven Returner. History is told to dwarf children the same way a fairy tale might be told to human ones, and Ironhammer children are certainly no exception. The atmosphere of history and tradition, honor and legacy, if often a comfort to dwarves. But not to Hilde, at least not to the extent that most dwarves take it. It reminds her home, a place of bittersweet memories.
Among her peers, she always stood out and, because of that, was often left out. She was the first Ironhammer born with red hair in over 400 years, and the first Ironhammer woman that could grow a beard in more than 300. She was often left playing alone, and was therefore both quiet and self-conscious. Her hair caused distrust among the other children so she kept it hidden; her beard caused distress among the various female elders and so she kept it shaved. On her 21st birthday she was allowed to use a forge for the first time, and it became apparent that the "weird quiet redhead" had a knack for it. Her parents were both proud and worried. On the one hand, producing such a talented smith would raise their standing in the clan. On the other, she already had a hard time without having to cope with the effects of the other children's jealousy. They thought it might be best for her to apprentice outside the family, but still within the clan.
That is how she came to meet 'Old Man Ironhand.' Clan Ironhammer's oldest, wisest, most talented smith, her was also the most eccentric. He eschewed clan elderdom and instead dedicated his life to training apprentices, which ran the gamut from snirfneblin to humans and even the occasional curious elf. When her parents presented her as a possible student, he had but one other student at the time: Jebbedo Nackle. She passed the simple test she was given and moved into his shop the next day. The old dwarf seemed cold and distant to her at first, as did Jebbedo. She worked tirelessly to either impress them or be allowed to go home. She never asked for instruction, merely to have a chance to observe. She had a particular talent for blunt weapons, and unbeknownst to her, the old man was able to sell them for a pretty penny. He could even add "tried and tested" to his sales pitch, as he often caught her practicing with her creations in the courtyard. Anything she wasn't completely satisfied with was salvaged for scrap and she tried again, only ever presenting products she was proud enough to put her 'mark' on to her master. This was made in an obscure place on each item: the dethek letter for H being used as a hammer over a small anvil.
It was only after she finally broke down and admitted that she couldn't replicate a technique that she'd seen her master perform and asked to be taught how to do it that she finally saw the old man smile. "At last ye understand," he said. "Only the great can admit when they dunnae know, and only the best can swallow their pride enough ta be taught. Fergive me, but I had ta be sure ye were great. And not only are ye great, yer one of the best."
From then on, the man treated her like a daughter: firm but fair, stern but warm. Jebbedo also opened up, saying their master had asked him to be cold as part of the test. "I hated it too. You figured it out quicker than I did, though - He was a mean cuss to me for three years!" She learned quickly and was eager to both please and to improve for improvement's sake. Jebbedo, who had been sent to train under Old Man Ironhand by his guild (Called Hammers and Anvils, a group of smiths, merchants of smithed goods, and smith suppliers largely run, owned, and operated by dwarves, half-orcs and gnomes, the occasional halfling and human, with the odd elf here and there usually on the mercantile side), wrote about her and sent samples of her work to them. By the time the old man declared her graduated at the incredibly young age of 77, she had employment waiting for her most anywhere she chose to go in the Sword Coast. She chose to go with Jebbedo, who was also declared graduated, rather than stay among her clan. "I think it would do our art some good ta have some fresh ideas. Besides, if I'm not here, the clan elders dunnae have ta worry about me usurpin' them and draggin' the younglings off on some adventure or another. That IS what they were worryin' about, isnae it?"
She and Jebbedo have since traveled from guild hall to guild hall, offering their services and learning what they can, each trying to improve their craft. Being away from a purely dwarvish environment for quite some time of her 'formative years', she finds the rigid holding of tradition and history above all else to be stifling. "Yes, by all means, learn from the past. But if ye dunnae learn from the present too, yer art can never grow, never change. And sometimes, change isnae bad." This gives her a more "neutral" view than the dwarf standard. She has maintained the ideas of "good" however.
Even from a young age, she has considered the Forge Father to be her 'patron' - the dwarven god of protection and of practical knowledge, of smithing and masonry as art and science. Though she honors the whole Moradinsamman and gives respect and credit where it is due - "One dusnae ask a mason ta help brew a stout, nor does praise a smith fer a mason's work." - Moradin holds a special place in her heart. Followed closely is Berronar Truesilver, the Revered Mother, goddess of loyalty, devotion, and honor...among other things. But those are the things Hilde respects her for.

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Character sheet
Name: Hilde Ironhammer
Class and Level: Eldritch Knight, 5
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Hilde Ironhammer Empty Re: Hilde Ironhammer

Post by ArcticFlame7 on Mon Dec 14, 2015 5:01 am

Updated for 5th level, with a bit of a rebuild wherein I swapped DEX and INT and swapped Great Weapon Fighting for Defense. I am chalking it up to the blessing of Moradin who is a crafting god of Knowledge and protection. Also took the opportunity from gaining a level to swap out False Life for Expeditious Retreat.
Edit: Also tallied up equipment weight and did some shopping in Elventree. Some of these things purchased have no immediate use but she felt compelled to buy them anyway - call it 'divine inspiration'.

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Character sheet
Name: Hilde Ironhammer
Class and Level: Eldritch Knight, 5
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