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Where to next? Empty Where to next?

Post by ArcticFlame7 on Sun Nov 01, 2015 5:47 am

I assume we spent our downtime in the slave camp that we basically took over. But now we've been presented with three options on how to proceed.

For reference:
We are in the Northdark, likely in the Upperdark, a "few days" from Menzobarrenzan in some direction or another.

We can follow Shushar, the monk quo-toa's advice and head for Darklake, which is indeed a fairly central location. On the one hand, we can get to most anywhere that would be majorly relevant in our current region of the Underdark from there. On the other's a lake. We may have a sailor among us, but I don't think we have any suitable watercraft. Further, while nowhere in the Underdark is particularly pleasant, Darklake sounds particularly unpleasant - quo-toa, duergar, and all manner of the fun things that live in the water down here.

We can journey with the dwarf to his home in Gauntlgrym. Like Darklake, it is in the Middledark. I cannot find much information on 'modern' Gauntlgrym (most reference materials say the city is in ruins and the most 'recent' reference is to duergar building a shrine to Asmodeus there in 1480 DR. What year is it in our campaign?) but for the sake of things let's assume for a moment that he's not joshing us about living there and that the city is actually populated by things other than illithids and duergar. Depending on what our actual mission was, it could be more out-of-the-way than Darklake, however it would give us access to dwarven smiths, active mines to get rare spell components such as gemstones, etc. But...there's also the very real possibility that the place actually is inhabited by little more than duergar and illithids and that Eldeth Feldeun was a slave there.

Or we can follow Stool, the young myconid, to its home...which could be anywhere. Myconids are typically lawful neutral so of your average Underdark denizens they are less likely to kill us on sight. Allies are few and far between in the Underdark, and this may be our best chance to go somewhere where we're not likely to be taken back into slavery, or put on a sacrificial altar, or turned into an undead thrall, or eaten alive. It could also be very far from where we need to be. Which I don't know where that is. Our mission seemed kind of vague. "Bad stuff is happening. You all have seen it. Now go get captured by some drow slavers and get to the bottom of the bad stuff happening!"

One out of one female dwarf votes we stay as far away from any potential duergar as is possible. But in the end, she's a follower not a leader and will - if grudgingly - accept to go wherever the group decides.

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